Traditional Hand Weaving

Welcome to, where timeless craftsmanship meets contemporary design. Immerse yourself in the artistry of handwoven creations that seamlessly blend tradition and innovation. Our collection boasts a stunning array of handwoven pictures, table linens, rugs, throws, and scarves meticulously crafted from the finest wool and linen.

Crafted with Tradition: Each piece in our collection is a testament to the enduring beauty of traditional weaving techniques. Riitta, with a passion for preserving heritage craftsmanship, brings centuries-old traditions to life in every thread. Revel in the rich textures and intricate patterns that tell a story of dedication and mastery.

Elegance in Every Thread: Indulge in the luxury of our handwoven textiles, where every thread is a work of art. From exquisitely detailed pictures to versatile table linens that elevate your dining experience, our creations add a touch of sophistication to any space. Immerse yourself in the tactile experience of our rugs, throws, and scarves – each piece a harmonious blend of comfort and style.

Natural Fibres, Timeless Appeal: We believe in the inherent beauty of natural fibres. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the use of premium wool and linen, carefully selected for their durability, softness, and eco-friendly characteristics. Embrace the warmth of wool or the crisp, breathable nature of linen as you surround yourself with the finest materials nature has to offer.

Custom Creations: Elevate your surroundings with bespoke handwoven creations tailored to your taste. Whether you desire a personalized rug to anchor your space or a custom-designed throw for cozy evenings, our artisans are dedicated to bringing your vision to life. Immerse yourself in the joy of creating something uniquely yours.

Timeless Appeal, Modern Living: At Riitta, we bridge the gap between tradition and modernity. Our handwoven creations seamlessly integrate into contemporary lifestyles, adding a touch of warmth and character to your home. Experience the enduring allure of age-old techniques reimagined for the present day.

Indulge in the art of handweaving with Riitta. Explore our collection and discover the perfect blend of tradition, luxury, and craftsmanship. Welcome to a world where every thread tells a story.